Matt has been invaluable to my company. Not only does he consistently and efficiently deliver his services as promised, he is proactive about recommended updates, ranging from security to industry specific layouts. Matt is a refreshing reminder of how competent freelancers should conductive themselves, absent of a the necessity for micromanagement or constant oversight.

Nicholas Wylie, Tetsu Productions, LLC

I had several web designers I could choose from, and Matt won the bid for his professionalism. Matt was a pro all through out the development and was always available through emails to bounce ideas around. He was very open to new ideas and was excited to make the best site possible. Sometimes I wondered if he could pull off what I wanted, but every time, he came through. All in All, it was a great experience. I am very happy with site.

Sean Coons, Painter

Matt was quick to hit the ground running, understand our architectural paradigms, and quickly develop usable HTML that followed all the coding conventions specific to our large system infrastructure in the midst of a busy team who were not able to offer much time to bring him up to speed.
I can confidently say that Matt's efforts directly resulted in our projected getting across the finish line on time and with quality. I definitely recommend Matt and would quickly choose to work with him again.

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