The Private Network

Final group project at UCLA X Full Stack Development Bootcamp.
Team mates: Kevin Doan and Jon Baker

A social network that you can control access to. Use it to keep in touch with your friends and family, hold events for your office, or to organize your child’s sports team. Hold events, send messages, and post your important news to only selected individuals in your network.

Liri CLI

A Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface to help you find your favorite band's shows, get information on movies, and get information on songs on Spotify.


A simple app to return gifs for any search term. Perfect for finding reactions to your teammember's tea.

A fully customized Wordpress site for Los Angeles based artist, Robert Sean Coons. Site features CSS animations to reveal hidden content in paintings.

A fully customized Wordpress site for Los Angeles based art magazine ZG Press. Site features a digital magazine, an interactive Table of Contents, and a paid membership area to subscribe to the book.